Cycling and schools

Get your own wheels

Do you ever wake up and wish you had an extra 10 minutes in bed? Well cycling to school could be the answer, with many cycle journeys actually taking less time than car journeys. And when that bell rings at the end of the day, there's no need to wait for your lift home, you can jump on your bike and race round to your mates or down the park.


If you are a bit nervous about braving the traffic, then Bikeability training could help. Bikeability is the new cycling proficiency test, designed to give you the skills and confidence to get cycling.

Level 1 covers basic control and balance skills conducted in an area away from roads.

Level 2 is aimed at helping trainees cycle independently on quieter roads. It includes starting and finishing journeys, turns in and out of junctions, passing parked vehicles and side-roads and general awareness and observation.

Level 3 is a new level of training. Its aim is to give people the skills and confidence to tackle busier roads. It can include whatever the trainee wants to be included; for example, route planning, hazard awareness, cycling around roundabouts, using junctions controlled by traffic lights.

For more information about Bikeability training, visit Surrey Travel SMART here.

Do your parents need convincing?

Your parents worry about you. It's just what they do. So, if your parents need convincing, here's what to say...

Just a 15-minute ride to and from school can leave you more alert and ready to learn, boost confidence and give you a sense of independence. Add the fact that cycling will keep you fit and healthy, reduce rush-hour congestion having a positive impact on the environment and save them money, and they'll begin to wonder why they didn't send you off cycling yonks ago.